Video chat with up to 120 of your friends in VZOchat!
This program has been superseded by Conferendo
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Video chat with up to 120 of your friends in VZOchat! Special technology allows video chat VZOchat clients to work through any HTTPS/SOCKS proxy, and does not require additional firewall settings for a stable and reliable connection. ell the world about yourself and make new friends. Use the blogs and photo albums on our site. Look for people with similar interests. Communicate your preferred way and JOIN our videochat VZOchat community! Insert our video chat VZOchat web client into your homepage or blog and stay in touch with your friends! Video chat VZOchat contains no dangerous or malicious code, no hidden adds, no modules for tracking users. You have total control over the personal data that you share with other video chat users.VZOchat is an instant-messenger with a great focus on webcams. After registering for an account with VZOchat, you can start using the messenger. It is basically a window that shows your contacts from your address book and a window by its left that shows your camera. As I said before, VZOchat is big on using your webcam to enhance the instant messaging session. Thus, they have developed a proprietary codec that allows for great quality and a slow usage of processor and bandwidth. The image does look great, even while chatting with other people. Of course, you can still type and talk with your contacts, but it is more fun when you use your camera. On top of that, VZOchat allows users to actually record calls, both audio and video. Even if you are not on a call, you can still record audio and video. There is a drawback here, though. The video gets recorded using the proprietary codec, so it can't be played on most video players. In fact, I have not yet found any player that supports it. Other than that, the application looks great. It is easy to set up and use and there are wizards available for configuring most of the application's features. Quality is great and connections can be easily made even behind routers. The application also allows you to use a web player to be embedded in your websites. So you can chat with someone who does not have the application installed if they just visit a site with the player embedded.

José Fernández
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  • Great quality
  • Easily configurable
  • Built-in recorder


  • The video codec used by this program is not widely supported, yet it produces high-quality video
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